My Mother’s Journey (2009)

A Documentary by Sam and Kirsten Hampton

Photos and Images:

Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County

Rochester City Public School #36

Brian Rieger – Downtown Rochester Photos

Rosa Park Crime Illustration –

U.S. District Court for Middle District of Alabama


Dan Butler – Ushering in the Saints

Bells of Joy – At The Meeting

Special Thanks:

Diana Abath

Suzanne Bethel

Arthur Ray Crittenden

Tom Dziedzic

Erica Ginsberg

Marcy Gray

Adrienne Hampton

Bruce Hampton

Karolyn Hampton

Richard Hampton

Ramon Harris

Amy Halpin

Clinton Lewis

Maria Teresa Meyer

Paul Montanarello

Adele Schmidt

John Voelcker

Susan Washington

With Gratitude to the Following:

Mary Butler

Mary Fisher

Lula Mae Frison

Herman Hampton

Deborah Hughes

O.H. Laster

Helen Raisz

Location and Camera Crews:

Margaret Cain

Karl Leopold

Kobie Parker

Itzik Mintz

Noni Korf

Paul Willsea

Voice of Liz Hampton: Terry Cornwell Rumsey

Poem – “Miss Liz”: Joanne Strebb

Major Donors:

Bausch & Lomb

Harris Solutions LLC

The Robert Bensen Meyer, Jr. Foundation

Fiscal Sponsorship provided by the

International Documentary Association

Archives and Resources:

Susan B. Anthony House

The Art League

Central Library of Rochester – Local History

Docs In Progress

The Harley School

Rochester City School District School #36

University of Georgia Libraries

The George Washington University

Phillis Wheatley Community Library

St. John Missionary Baptist Church

Research Assistant: Adele Hampton

Archival Footage:

Todd Spence – Rochester Community Involvement

Henry Browne, Farmer – U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1942

Palmour Street – Southern Educational Film Production Service, 1957

Rochester: A City of Quality – Handy (Jam) Organization, 1963

A Study of Educational Inequalities in South Carolina – NAACP, 1936

The Beulah Show – 1952

Steel: A Symphony of Industry, 1936

The Bus Driver – Encyclopedia Britannica Films, 1946

We Work Again – Pathe News, 1930

Integration Report – Andover Production, 1960

Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Award Collection The University of Georgia Libraries Open Mind Special: Race Relations in Crisis – The Open Mind 1963

Graphics: Barb Levy


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